Functional, durable materials

Design a car interior that makes a lasting first impression and stays looking its best for the lifetime of the building. Your choice of elevator materials and finishes not only affects how your car looks and feels, but also how easy it is to clean and maintain.


KONE DX Class elevator materials

Smart-surface laminates

These innovative materials make it easier than ever to keep your elevator clean and looking its best, with a built-in antimicrobial surface and superb resistance to stains, abrasion, and scratches. Any small scratches on the surface can be “healed” using thermal treatment.

Anti-stain, anti-fingerprint coating

This specialized coating helps keep colored stainless steel elevator materials looking as good as new by preventing staining and making fingerprints less visible.

Anti-microbial coating

Handrails in particular can be a source of contamination in busy elevators. Our anti-microbial coating, based on extremely durable powder paint, improves elevator hygiene by helping to prevent the spread of germs.

Easy maintenance

See how our functional, durable elevator materials save time and effort by reducing the need for maintenance and cleaning.

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