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Improving the flow of urban life is in line with our mission. As a global leader in the elevator and escalator industry, we strive to make people's journeys safer by offering green building solutions. KONE provides elevators, indoor and outdoor escalators, automatic doors solutions, maintenance, and modernization, moving over 1 billion people each day. We provide solutions and services that help our customers achieve their energy, performance and eco-efficiency goals during every phase of their buildings' life cycles, from design and construction through to maintenance and modernization.


Life-cycle impact assesment of our solutions

KONE's Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) are third-party verified documents that describe the life cycle environmental impacts of our products. In addition, we publish Health Product Declarations (HPD) to communicate about the material content and the associated health effects of our products, responding to a growing need for healthier living environments.

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Sustainable materials

We select green building compliant materials and aim to reduce unnecessary packaging for our products. Resilience and reliability testing in changing environmental conditions allows us to make improvements that extend the life of our products, and our waste handling initiatives ensure that equipment removed from service is recycled as efficiently as possible.


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We help our customers obtain green building certifications, such as LEED and BREEAM, with best-in-class of the energy-efficient solutions.

KONE has considered our key customer groups' responsibility, including builders, building owners, facility managers, and developers, when using materials for a building project. Using our services offers the benefits of green and renewable solutions, but it also has economic benefits that can be appreciated in operating costs.


KONE was the first company to achieve the best A-class energy efficiency classification for elevator installations according to ISO 25745. Currently, 23 of our elevator models have received these best A-class classification and 8 escalators and autowalks with the best A+++ rating in the escalator and autowalk category. At KONE, we are proud of the quality of our products and to be ranked so highly among the world's most innovative companies in the world in part for our renewable approach and use of these green technologies.


In order to illustrate the benefits and environmental impact during the entire lifetime of these solutions, we publish Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). In addition, we publish Health Product Declarations (HPD) to communicate about the material content and the associated health effects of our products, responding to a growing need for healthier living environments. KONE's innovative approach to better construction, use of quality materials and equipment puts the public and users of our resources at the centre of our mission. Such innovations are critical for reducing carbon emissions and the global climate crisis. We are proud of the green building energy and performance technologies solutions we have adopted, such as our use of green materials. For example, the KONE TranSys™ DX is mainly composed of ferrous metals. Waste of the ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, and electronic components used in the elevator can all be recycled after the end of life.

Taking care of our natural resources, including water and air quality, and reducing emissions has never been more important. We all have a social responsibility and must consider our impact on the environment.

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