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Everyone who uses your building benefits from KONE escalator, automatic door and elevator maintenance services.


Keeping your business running like clockwork

High-quality maintenance will help your equipment, and your business, to have a long and happy life. Reliable equipment plays a big part in creating and maintaining a great user experience in buildings of all kinds.


Relax, we’ve got you well covered

Forget the stress and hassle of unreliable equipment and complaints from users. With a tailored maintenance plan and easy ways to keep track of what’s going on, you can relax and let us take care of everything.


Making everyday life better for everyone

When people can rely on the fact that the equipment in your building is reliable and safe to use, everyday life is that little bit easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

A maintenance solution for every need

With a wide range of automatic door, elevator and escalator maintenance services, we’ve got you covered.


We keep you informed on equipment status, maintenance schedules, and regular on-site work and inspections.

KONE provides an elevator maintenance service that protects your elevator over the course of its life. Protect your investment and make sure your elevator and machine room are properly maintained, undertaking up-to-date and regular inspection and repairs.

KONE's predictive and preventive maintenance approach also means minimal disruption and interruptions to your services and building users. Thanks to the integrated technologies, we can anticipate potential issues, breakdowns, or failures and act before they cause any significant impact or disruption.

We are proud to provide comprehensive and regular lift maintenance and inspections of all elevator equipment, whatever the age or condition, inside and outside. Through our predictive and proactive elevator maintenance programs, we extend the life of your equipment.


Our maintenance packages for elevators, escalators, and doors include a wide selection of services, making it easy for you to choose the most appropriate level of care. We'll work with you to create a maintenance plan tailored to your site and equipment.

KONE Care Standard is a proactive elevator maintenance program and checklist, which is the ideal solution for compliance with all health and safety regulations. This program includes essential preventative steps, round-the-clock access to our customer care team, and our Mobile and Online care services that you can access anywhere, anytime. This life maintenance plan is perfect for facilities and building managers of low and mid-rise buildings, enabling you to plan and react quickly in case of elevator shutdowns or damage.

Are you looking for a more customised maintenance plan and checklist suited to facilities and building managers responsible for elevator and machine room equipment in a large building complex or numerous buildings? In that case, KONE Care Plus is an excellent solution. Our Care Plus elevator maintenance program includes preventive solutions, partial service repairs, and call-outs. Care plus gives you access to round-the-clock customer care, KONE mobile, and online services, giving you up-to-date data to always make sure your elevator is running properly no matter where you are, providing you with real-time information. Your maintenance checklist and plan can be customised to your individual needs, including machine room inspections and covering life equipment in multiple locations.

The ideal solution for facilities managers of major locations and buildings like airports, metro stations, and shopping centres is the KONE Care Premium. In a situation where uninterrupted service and reliability are a must, you need to have peace of mind when it comes to your elevator maintenance. For example, elevator malfunctions or breakdowns in critical locations like airports have a significant and dangerous impact on the people's traffic flow. KONE Care Premium includes all preventive and proactive maintenance checklist items such as regular inspections, machine room operating systems, and repairs, including a need to replace any cables for your lifts. You will also have access to our 24/7 customer care centre. Gain access to up-to-date critical information on ongoing maintenance work on your elevator with the KONE mobile and online services. More than just regular and routine elevator maintenance, this solution includes customised reports that make planning and budgeting easy, which means you can keep your essential equipment in critical locations running smoothly at all times.


KONE's dedicated customer care team is happy to help you find the ideal lift maintenance package for your elevators and machine rooms with our detailed checklist of elevator maintenance services. We advise all our customers and partners to undertake a proactive maintenance program in order to minimise interruptions and equipment problems or breakdowns. Whether you are looking for a more comprehensive maintenance checklist of services or a more individualised maintenance plan, we can help you design and create the ideal package to fit your building needs and budget.

Don't wait for signs of damage or breakdown before organising an elevator inspection. Our preventive elevator maintenance checklist includes all equipment, including parts related to the lift pit, machine room, and electrical components inside and outside the elevator. Maintenance of your elevator should be carried out to the highest standard, and at KONE, to make sure you are always covered, we provide 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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